A Frog In A Well


A Frog In A Well

A Frog In A Well


I’m a frog in a well who’s quite under your spell

How I wish you would let me come out.


This is no place to dwell my sweet mademoiselle

How can I bring my freedom about?


For if you only knew all the pain I’ve been through

While attempting to make my escape.


You would drop me a line a quick kiss would be fine

To regain my divine princely shape.


One thought on “A Frog In A Well

  1. i love you’re hallucinogenic open-minded your displays of innocence and freedom from the luggage of reference, or tedium found in the pretentious voices of so-called poets. these poems are truly beautiful, thank you Michael, Cheers Robt. Cole, editor of Chimera magazine.


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